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Cecil AS rick  Grimes

About CecilGrimesCosplay

Chris AS: Abraham

     My goal is to have a great time impersonating one of my favorite Characters, Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln on the hit AMC Series The Walking Dead.

      My journey, as Mr. Grimes, started with a 5 O'clock shadow that has grown into a full-time career ..... and Beard. Everything really took flight when I won the Nation Wide Rick Grimes Look A Like Contest Sponsored by Walker Stalker Con and really got to see the true enthusiasm and support of my Cosplay. I was soon after, getting invited to conventions but I did not feel, just standing in front of a back-drop, was enough to share with everyone and decided to build a photo booth set that could add to my Cosplay presentation. The only issue was I had 7 days until the next convention, so I dove in head first and in 7 days with the help of a great friend I had a Mock up of the iconic Prison scene “Cosplay Style”, including a 16' prison guard tower,  in my living room, kitchen, dining room etc... It was everywhere! But it was done! I have named this new evolution in cosplay presentation "SetPlay"  We made it to the convention with a professional photography team, an incredible Zombie and an awesome staff, we made it happen... full on!!! with A LOT of foam, PVC and Duct tape! 


      The rest of the story is happening now! I'm adding on to the set making it better every day and getting invitations to be featured at some of the biggest conventions around the US, Canada and overseas. I'm living a dream and hope everyone that reads this can come out and see me at a convention near you but if you can’t make it, I hope at least my story can inspire you to chase a dream… you really never know what can happen unless you give it a try!


    I'm now acting and being offered roles in TV, independent films, and Parody videos as well as booking private events and of course the beloved Conventions. If you have come to my site to inquire on featuring me at your convention, booking me for a party or offering me an acting roll please feel free to send me an email through this site on my Contact page, or directly to my email at CecilGrimesCosplay@gmail.com . I will be happy to consider all opportunities


   In regards to events, I offer both picture opportunities and entertaining for your Conventions, Festivals, Birthday parties, Walking Dead viewing parties Etc. I also have other Walking Dead look a likes and Walkers (zombies) available to join me. There are many options and additional services we can provide including photographic services, zombie makeup artists etc. Please contact me using the contact page for additional information.

  We are located in Melbourne FL but are willing to travel and this will be addressed within any quote we create for you. We look forward to hearing from you but until then try to stay Alive!